Kona Iron Man Edition Arrives

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Kona Iron Man Edition Arrives

The Kona Iron Man Edition is here. And its exosuit is something to behold! Learn how high it soars right here.

What if Stark Industries Built a Crossover Vehicle?

Interesting question, right?

And the truth is that you don’t have to imagine the above scenario, because it actually exists.
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It’s called the Iron Man Edition and it’s available on the 2019 Hyundai Kona.

This ultra-unique limited trim is based on the look of Tony Stark’s armored Iron Man suit.

Moreover, this exosuit comes with seating for up to five.

Other features include:

  • V-shape hood bevel with Marvel logo
  • Iron Grip dual-tone 18-inch wheels (picture above)
  • Seats with embossed mask, suede logo patch and red contrast stitching
  • Exosuit-inspired rear lights, bumper and skid plate
  • Red armor two-tone roof and side mirrors
  • Heads-up Display startup animation sequence


The Kona Iron Man Edition: An Epic Crossover Event

Hyundai and Marvel have teamed up to produce an epic crossover event.

Moreover, the Kona Iron Man Edition is the world’s first production vehicle to be themed after a Marvel character.

Even better: Rairdon’s Hyundai of Bellingham currently has this Iron Man-inspired model in stock. Give us a call at to set up a test drive or buy outright.

*10 Fun Superhero Facts*

  • Mandrake the Magician is likely the first American superhero. The character—who was part of a syndicated newspaper comic strip—was first seen in 1934
  • Spiderman was actually inspired by a FLY
  • The Incredible Hulk was originally supposed to be grey
  • Joker appears in 9 of the first 12 Batman comic books
  • Harley Quinn from Batman is one the few comic characters to debut on TV (it was on Batman The Animated Series)
  • Daredevil can hear people talking through a soundproof wall
  • There are over 50 Iron Man suits
  • The first American superhero movie is Batman: The Movie (from 1966)
  • Thor hit Gorr so hard it created a black hole!
  • Batman has made the most appearances in comics
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